Burning bins to get high? It’s wheelie time to stop arson about…

Wheelie Bins

UTC had to check it wasn’t April already when he received a press release from waste removal specialists Divert.co.uk the other day. It concerned the return of ‘Britain’s stupidest craze’: burning bins to get high.

Many retailers will no doubt have suffered from some reprobate setting fire to one of their bins, no doubt putting it down to malevolence. But apparently there’s a darker side to it. Myth has it that burning wheelie bins and sniffing the fumes has the same effect as highs from recreational drugs.

You’ll be amazed to learn that sniffing burning wheelie bins doesn’t, in fact, get you high. Wheelie bins are made from high density polyethylene, which releases carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the air when set alight. So it’s more likely to kill you than get you high.

Regardless, there are apparently some bin-burning connoisseurs out there who believe different colour bins give different highs. The class A top doggy is apparently the brown bin which is highly prized among bin-burning aficionados for its mind-bending aroma.

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