best-one reveals new Drop Shipment brochure

Best One drop shipment brochure

Best-one has launched a new Drop Shipment Product Guide, giving best-one store owners access to an increased choice of specialised products across frozen, ambient and chilled foods, food-to-go, non-food and a large seasonal range.

All products within the guide have been selected and negotiated by Bestway’s trading team, who have worked with over 140 suppliers to present an extended range in one place. The products have been chosen for the consumer need they meet and the high profit they will generate for retailers.

To stock products from the guide, retailers agree a delivery date directly with the supplier and the goods are charged via their best-one account, at the prices negotiated by Bestway.

Best-one retailers can use the guide to branch out into potentially new ranges including mobile phone accessories, stationery, toys and pet care.

Paul Adams, Head of Sales and Development for best-one, said: “Consumers will often purchase seasonal products on impulse and therefore it’s important for convenience stores to stock these products to capture the sales, particularly during the festive period. However, sourcing these products directly can be costly for retailers due to the risk of being left with unsold stock after the seasonal event has passed and due to the high prices they’re likely to pay when buying direct from suppliers.

“By using the drop-shipment brochure retailers can eliminate some of the risk surrounding seasonal products, due to the small minimum order quantities and supplier support negotiated by Bestway within the guide.”

Food-to-go is also an area of focus within the guide. Adams added: “We know that 28% of the population buy food-to-go on a regular basis and so it’s an important area for retailers to tap into. We’ve added food-to-go solutions from Country Choice and Aryzta to Drop Shipment, which include the products, merchandise, equipment and training meaning that retailers can easily capitalise on these sales right away.”

The guide also includes specialist fine food products for stores where the local area demographics demand this kind of range including organic, fair trade and natural products. Some suppliers also provide point of sale support and sale or return, whereby retailers can return the products they haven’t managed to sell.

The full brochure will be sent to best-one retailers with their November promotional materials this week, commencing 16 September.