Zapper unwraps Christmas giveaway

Zapper has launched a new ‘Zap to Unwrap’ game that gives shoppers the chance to win instant rewards with every app payment.

At no extra cost to either the retailer or shopper, and with minimal effort required, the game has been a great success. Retailer Jamie Keshwara said: “It’s a busy time of year however Zapper’s Zap to Unwrap Christmas game has provided a great deal of engagement in store and the customers love the chance to win extra rewards.”

After shoppers have paid with Zapper they are given the chance to quickly scan a bonus QR code which generates a random prize. This could be anything from thousands of instant vouchers or an entry into a top prize draw which includes Nintendo Switches, Go Pros and even a whopping 65” TV.

Nisa Local store manager Imran Latif commented: “Our regular customers are loving the surprise Christmas giveaway from Zapper every time they pay for their shopping. Zapper has really helped community stores like ours get to know our customers even better and reward their local loyalty.”

Zapper is available in over 1,000 convenience retail stores including Spar, Nisa, Premier, Londis, Family Shopper, Best-One and Costcutter across the UK. Shoppers simply open the app, scan the QR code on the digital display at the till to pay quickly and securely using their mobile. Users also instantly top up their digital store loyalty card and redeem any available vouchers.

Zapper’s Zap to Unwrap Christmas giveaway ends in store on Wednesday 27 December and the TV will be awarded to one lucky winner before December 31.