A radical approach to soft drinks

soft drinks planogram
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Woodlands Local is set to be one of the first stores in Scotland to fully implement Barr Soft Drinks’ innovative new soft drinks planogram – and here’s what it will look like…

The recent extended period of hot weather has reinforced once more just how important soft drinks are to local retailers in Scotland. Sales are through the roof across the country and at Woodlands we are now averaging a sales uplift of almost 20% over the last couple of months, and long may it continue.

But there’s always more to do to keep squeezing yet more profit out of this vital category, which is why we have agreed to work with Barr Soft Drinks to trial its fairly radical new approach to laying out and merchandising the fixture.

Barr’s has taken the Epos data from Woodlands and merged it with their own data sets to produce what we believe is a striking new planogram, laid out according to what Barr’s is calling ‘consumer need states’. These are as follows:

  • Healthy Refreshment – Water and water-plus products perform an important, functional role.
  • Tasty Hydration – Low calorie products with the health benefits of water and the great taste of a carbonate.
  • Everyday Enjoyment – The backbone of the fixture needs a good range of great-tasting choices.
  • Adult Social – Indulgent treats and options for those that avoid alcohol.
  • Connecting Cultures – Vibrant section to tap into growing demand for exotic flavours.
  • On The Go – Nearly a third of purchases is an energy drink, so this section must offer the right range of products and flavour choices.

These need states have been derived from research into the three key drivers that Barr’s believes will be major contributors to category growth in convenience retailing:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Taste & Fun
  • Lifestyle & Culture

These three drivers reflect changing consumer lifestyles, influences and needs in relation to buying and consuming soft drinks.

Here’s what the new planogram looks like:

soft drinks planogram

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