See who can sook the hardest…

Burgerking Valentine's Day cup

UTC’s not much of a burger fan at the best of times – he’s more of a Gregg’s steak slice man at heart – but that didn’t stop one of his considerate workmates at SLR Towers presenting with what they thought was a lovely wee pressie last month to help liven up Valentine’s Day for him and Mrs UTC.

While the auld yin was adamant that his Valentine’s Day was in no need of livening up, he grudgingly accepted the gift, which turned out to be a Burger King cup. But not just any old Burger King cup. No siree. It was a special Valentine’s Cup with two straws so that UTC and his dearly beloved could stare longingly into each other’s eyes as they shared a soft drink of their choice.

Needless to say, the auld boy wasn’t impressed, saying there was “nae chance” he was going to “share slebbers with her indoors”. And anyway, he’d already bought her his customary Valentine’s gift of a bottle of Cherry Lambrini and a Dairy Milk.

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