Trebor gives retailers the chance to get minted

Trebor Mints

Trebor is launching ‘Get Minted’ – a competition exclusive to convenience stores that is designed to drive sales of Extra Strong Mints, Soft Mints and new Trebor Mighties.

Launching on March 13 and running for three months, ‘Get Minted’ aims to excite shoppers and retailers alike, by offering them a chance to win one of over 100 prizes ranging from £50 up to a whopping £5,000.

To win, a consumer must find a winning coupon within in a packet of Extra Strong Mints, Softmints or Mighties and call the number on the ticket to claim their prize.

Mondelēz International will then reward the retailer who sells a winning pack with the same amount of cash won by their customer.

As well as the potential for a cash prize, participating retailers will also be provided with free POS and offered merchandising tips and advice, to help maximise the campaign and drive sales within the store.

The competition will be supported by the ongoing ‘Choose your Trebor’ TV campaign.

Carly Sharpe, Brand Manager for Trebor, said: “With only a 9.5% overlap between Extra Strong and Softmint buyers, we know that consumers have a clear allegiance to their favourite Trebor mint so it’s important to stock a full range to maximise sales. Our latest competition will encourage consumers to choose their Trebor in store, giving themselves and the retailer a chance to win big, and creating added excitement that will help to drive impulse sales.”

Prize coupons will be hidden within selected wrappers of the following Trebor products:

  • Extra Strong Peppermint 41.3g
  • Extra Strong Spearmint 41.3g
  • Softmints Peppermint 44.9g
  • Softmints Spearmint 44.9g
  • Mighties Mint 12.6g
  • Mighties Berry Mint 12.6g
  • Price marked pack versions of the above.