Take the SLR weekly quiz

Friday 5

Get your thinking caps on. It’s time for five questions based on stories posted this week on the SLR website.

Best of luck! 

1. Absolut has just launched a lime variant. How long has it been since the vodka brand released its lemon flavour, Absolut Citron?

Absolut Lime


2. Scotland’s ginger lovers were thrown into a panic by news of AG Barr’s planned reformulation of Irn-Bru. The company’s Chief Exec (pictured) said that despite cutting Bru’s sugar content, the taste wouldn’t change. Who is he?

Roger White


3. Dr. Oetker has teamed up with which former Great British Bake Off winner for its ‘Dare to Bake’ on-line competition?

The Muppets' Swedish Chef


4. Fruit Shoot has launched a new campaign which features TV presenter, mum-of-two, and author Cherry Healey. What is the name of her book?

Cherry Healey


5. Mentos launched its limited-edition Mix on the Beach variant this week. But who hit no.2 in the UK charts with ‘Sex on the Beach’?

Mentos Mix on the Beach