Ron Santiago extends range

Ron Santiago 8 year old

Hot on the heels of the three-variant relaunch of Ron Santiago de Cuba this summer, comes Ron Santiago de Cuba Añejo 8-year-old (ABV 40%, RSP £24).

It joins Carta Blanca, Extra Añejo 11-Year-Old and Extra Añejo 12-Year-Old, all produced by Corporación Cuba Ron and distributed through Justerini & Brooks in the UK.

Aged for a minimum of eight years, the liquid is matured in white oak barrels and offers hints of honey, vanilla, cacao and tropical fruit.

The launch comes at a time when the premium rum segment is growing at 79% year-on-year.

Ron Santiago de Cuba Rum Master, Tranquilino Palencia Estruch, commented: “The new Añejo 8 is undoubtedly a rum from the Santiago de Cuba region. The aroma invades us upon the opening of a bottle. The combination of flavour and aroma of this new liquid is perfectly balanced and unique. As a Master of Cuban Rum, I am extremely proud of what we have created. We want this to be the pinnacle of an 8-year-old aged, Cuban rum.”