Quaker launches new PMP porridge-to-go bars

Quaker porridge on the go bars

Quaker has added new price-marked bars to its Porridge to Go range.

Golden Syrup and Strawberry, Raspberry & Cranberry flavours are both available now in 55g 75p PMPs.

Danielle Mendham, Senior Brand Manager at Quaker, commented: “Over the last year, we’ve seen shoppers become even more money-conscious in the impulse channel. With shoppers increasingly looking for products that offer value for money, we saw our total Quaker RRP PMP range grow by almost +17% , so it’s fair to say that we can expect demand to continue into the new year.

“We’ve also seen shopper sentiment towards breakfast change substantially, with consumers increasingly looking for convenient, on-the-go breakfast options that can be enjoyed at home as part of a busy morning. Consumer habits and priorities around breakfast understandably changed dramatically during 2020, with Brits eating 660m additional breakfasts.”