Parrot Bay set for £2m female-focused campaign

Parrot Bay 'freeze and squeeze' Margaritas

Parrot Bay is launching a new above-the-line marketing campaign this month to drive awareness and consideration of the brand, and attempt to push Off-Trade sales in the growing flavoured spirits category.

The £2m spend includes out-of-home advertising, which leads with the strapline “Fruity Fun for the Weekend”. The campaign also features digital activity and a TV ad will launch in July.

The Flavoured Spirit Drinks range has been developed with a focus on females in the 18-25 age category – and targets those who enjoy the sweet taste of flavoured cider and lagers, and are looking for something similar and accessible in the flavoured spirit drinks category.

Meri Parvento-Wicks, Innovation Commercialisation Manager for Diageo GB said: “Following the success of Parrot Bay Frozen Cocktails we hope the ATL campaign will drive excitement and awareness in the new Parrot Bay Flavoured Spirit Drinks. We see the full range appealing to LPA-25 consumers searching for a variety of fruity flavoured spirit drinks at an accessible price point.”

The range includes Flavoured Spirit Drinks (rrp £13), a £10.99 Flavoured Spirit Drinks PMP and Frozen Margarita ‘Freeze and Squeeze’ pouches (rrp £2.50).