Opinion: recent vaping health headlines

Matthew Moden
Matthew Moden is Managing Director of Liberty Flights, a supplier of premium e-liquids and vaping devices. He is a speaker at SLR’s Cloudchasing 2 event.

You cannot fail to have seen multiple headlines in the UK press, covering a number of tragic deaths and illnesses in the US as the result of vaping THC oils.

What has happened is a new, sudden phenomenon and is it vital to remember that there are no oils in regulated, UK-manufactured nicotine e-liquid. The reported injuries have been exclusively linked to oils and other chemicals being inhaled in THC products in the US. The advice from Public Health England remains that vaping continues to be a 95% less harmful alternative to smoking.

The news of this terrible situation has been widely reported and often misrepresented. At Liberty Flights we have published an extensive article to provide the full facts and highlight the reality for vapers in the UK. We encourage all retailers and vapers to read our article.

Sadly, the impact of these articles has been that some people have become wary of vaping. Educating retailers so they can provide good advice to consumers facilitating informed decision making will ensure that the category continues to grow.

Vaping regulated nicotine products from the UK is an acceptable, reduced risk way of quitting smoking. If you have quit smoking with vaping, don’t go back, one in two smokers will die from a smoking related disease.