New PMP for WKD

WKD original

SHS Drinks has announced the spring launch of WKD Red in 700ml £2.99 PMP bottles.

The PMPs will be available this month in 6 x 700ml cases. Neck labels highlighting the ‘Only £2.99. RESULT!’ deal aim to provide stand-out on shelf and in the chiller.

WKD Red joins WKD Blue and WKD Iron Brew which were launched in 700ml PMPs a year ago to complement the WKD Blue and Iron Brew 275ml £4.99 PMP 4-packs.

Debs Carter, Marketing Director for Alcohol at SHS Drinks, said PMPs were having a positive impact driving sales within the ready-to-drink category, with their value more than doubling through impulse stores in Scotland over the past year.

Carter said: “The high levels of consumer demand for the multi-serve PMPs has led to SHS Drinks’ decision to launch WKD Red 700ml £2.99 PMPs exclusively into the cash & carry / wholesale / convenience sectors this spring.”