Nestlé launches price marked packs for independent retailers

Nestlé Confectionery is launching price marked packs at special prices on a number of its most popular chocolate countlines. The packs will be available from 17th September for a limited period and are available exclusively through the cash & carry and delivered wholesale channel. They include Kit Kat Chunky Milk (RRP 50p), Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit (RRP 50p), Rolo (RRP 50p), Smarties (RRP 45p) and Milkybar Medium (RRP 45p).

Each pack has an eye-catching price flash though non price marked packs will also be available for retailers.
Price marked packs are known to drive impulse purchases, with 44% of shoppers stating they are more likely to buy a product on impulse if it’s price marked according to HIM research from last year. They are also now the second most preferred form of promotion with independent retailers as they understand they give consumers confidence they are getting value for money.

Nestlé UK Trade Communications Manager Graham Walker said: “The Nestlé Confectionery price marked packs represent great value for money, proving a win-win for both consumers and retailers alike. Not only do the consumers feel they are getting their favourite chocolate bar at a good price, but retailers also feel they are offering value to their shoppers. Value for money has become even more important to consumers as the economic climate has changed over recent years, therefore retailers should be sure to take advantage of these price marked packs as when they’re gone they’re gone!”

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