Maynards Bassetts launches into adult sours

Wine Gums Tangy

In a bid to bring more adults to the sour sugar confectionery sub-category, Maynards Bassetts has launched new Wine Gums Tangy.

The new product is the third innovation since Maynards and Bassetts joined forces last February. It is the brand’s first foray into sour adult sweets.

Following the launch, Wine Gums returns to the small screen in May for six weeks, as a part of the brand’s 2017 £6m marketing spend. The TV activity follows on from last year’s ‘Tasty Intermissions’ campaign and will showcase the new sour flavours.

Katie Bashford, senior brand manager for Joyful Candy at Mondelēz International, said: “Although 74% of adults are open to sour sweets our research shows that only 26% currently buy into the £22m sour segment. Crucially, this shows a great opportunity to grow the candy category further. We believe that with its unique proposition, Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums Tangy will provide a real opportunity to inspire purchases and help retailers drive incremental sales within this currently under-indexed segment of the adult candy market.”

Wine Gums Tangy is available now in both 165g £1 PMP and non-PMP formats.