Lift your Christmas spirits sales

Bottles of spirits

Following the launch of Maxxium UK’s ‘Know Your Store’, a guide to maximising spirits profits specifically in the impulse channel, the spirits company is offering independent retailers some simple steps to maximise spirit sales at Christmas.

Research shows that one-quarter of spirit sales take place in the last 12 weeks of the year and 50% more than average during the week leading up to Christmas.

Retailers are advised to revise their range and focus on spirit categories that over-index at Christmas including whisky, cognac and sherry. With 50% of consumers saying they stick to the brands they know, it’s important to stock the UK’s leading brands in each of the categories.

It’s a good idea to stock fractional sizes, especially for premium brands, as this will allow customers to choose a lower priced option for more expensive spirits.

The two main reasons people shop in convenience stores at Christmas, says Maxxium, are for gift purchasing and same day consumption. It therefore makes sense to offer cards, bottle bags and other add-on products for spirits being given as gifts and provide mixers, ice and fruit to complete impulse purchases made for consumption the same day.

Maxxium’s Customer Marketing Controller, Chris Richardson, commented: “Know Your Store is an essential guide for retailers and during Christmas this becomes even more important as there is a great sales opportunity for independent retailers. Maxxium UK is supporting this channel by providing them with the tools they need to prepare for the festive season and capitalise on the spike in consumer spending.”