Kahlua ‘Kabs’ drive the Espresso Martini message around Edinburgh

Kahlua taxi

Kahlua has rebranded 150 taxis in a £400,000 bid to increase at-home consumption of Espresso Martinis.

The fleet of cabs will transport festive revellers around the streets of Edinburgh and London from now until New Year’s Eve and will run in conjunction with an out-of-home advertising campaign.

The campaign champions the Espresso Martini and the use of Kahlua as its essential ingredient.

Toni Ingram, Head of Marketing for brand owner Pernod Ricard, commented: “Google Trends shows an increase in searches for Espresso Martinis during the festive period, with consumers keen to replicate at home.

“The campaign demonstrates how Espresso Martinis are made, pushing footfall into store throughout this key trading period. Our bold, yellow creative will stand out on those cold dark evenings.”