If he only had the guts

Beer belly

Ye cannae whack a ridiculous job title, that’s what UTC always says. [Does he? –Ed].

So it was all-hail oatcake manufacturer Nairn’s for creating a new ‘Good Gut Feeling’ digital campaign that required the appointment of four new… wait for it… Gut Health Ambassadors.

The campaign focuses on the importance and benefits of good gut health for all ages, in an informative yet easy to understand way, allegedly. The four new Gut Health Ambassadors are all bloggers that the auld yin had never heard of, but the news did prompt him to start a small log of the health of the guts of everyone at SLR Towers.

He gleefully pointed out that several unnamed members of the team appeared to have very healthy guts indeed, if size was anything to go by. UTC himself, he added, likes to remain as lean a butcher’s dog, a goal achieved through strict adherence to a diet comprising mostly whisky, rollies and Gregg’s Steak Bakes.

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