Never drink and shop

UTC is his Ford Fiesta, bought while drunk shopping

While UTC would never admit to making purchases while under the influence of alcohol, he was interested to discover that a lot of people do indulge in drunk shopping.

A press release from price comparison site Finder UK quoted research into the allegedly very British tendency to shop while on the bevvy. Apparently, Brits have spent an estimated £4.46bn on spontaneous drunk purchases.

(A stickler for research methodology, the auld yin did raise a sceptical steel woolly eyebrow when he learned that this finding was based on a study of just 2,000 Brits, but whatever.)

It turns out that almost half of the British adult population who regularly drink alcohol admit to making a purchase while under the influence – so that’s over 15 million Brits that have made drunk purchases. On average, these people allegedly spent £291.07 each, which admittedly seems remarkably high. What where they buying drunk? Diamonds? Second-hand Ford Fiestas? Thai brides?

The survey also found that men appear to be blowing more on average than women – £364.72 v £213.41 – and those born after the year 2000 seem to be the most spendthrift generation with almost 60% admitting to drink buying.

UTC was last heard muttering something about “feckless young idiots” as he puttered off in his second-hand Ford Fiesta.Under The Counter