Giving it a punt!

Moose Juice

We’re increasing our focus on NPD at Woodlands Local so we thought we’d share with you some new lines we’re trying in the store this month.

The energy drink for gym monkeys

The energy drink market is well and truly mature these days but we decided to have a go with a new brand called Moose Juice (pictured above) that claims some and unique USPs for serious gym and exercise fans. Produced by Corinthian Brands, the company behind Dragon Shop and HCC cider, Moose Juice is big on functionality with some ingredients that will resonate with customers that take their exercise seriously, particularly Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), that help build body mass. Apparently gym monkeys understand the significance. The drink also contains B vitamins and has no sugar or aspartame.

We have three lines in-store and despite a hefty price tag, we’ve already begun selling around a dozen cans a day from a standing start.

A twist on an Irish classicJameson

Premix cans are beginning to sell really well in Woodlands, so we decided to take a punt on a couple of well presented new products from Irish whiskey giants Jameson. The triple-distilled cans come in two flavours –Jameson with Ginger & Lime and Jameson with Classic Cola – and come in 250ml doses with an abv of 5%.

We’re selling them a launch discount price of £1.50 a can and hope to see some trial over the next few weeks. Watch this space…

The ginger that really is gingerPepsi Max Ginger

It’s unlikely that the good folks at PepsiCo understand the admittedly bizarre fact that many west coast Scots generically use them term ‘ginger’ to refer to pretty much any fizzy soft drink, but that shouldn’t prevent new Pepsi Max Ginger from being a hit with cola fans looking for a zero sugar alternative with a bit of a kick.

As far as we can recall, we’ve never come across a ginger-flavoured cola before and the initial response from in-store sampling has been overwhelmingly positive. One customer even described it as tasting like “a mix between Pepsi and Irn-Bru” which is hardly a bad thing!

We have it in two formats in the store – PET 500ml bottle and 330ml can – and we can’t wait to see who’ll be trying it and buying it.