Fruitbroo aims to create new drinks category

The founder of Clipper Tea has announced the launch of a new hot drinks range that he believes heralds the arrival of an entirely new category. Mike Brehmes says that FruitBroo is the first everyday hot alternative to tea and coffee.

FruitBroo is a new kind of hot drink that opens up a whole new world of what the firm is calling “insanely tasty flavour combinations”. 100% natural and only 15 calories per cup, FruitBroo is made from fruit juices, herbs and spices specifically blended to be served hot. Simply add hot water to a teaspoon or two of FruitBroo and stir. Each compact 100ml bottle makes 15 cups and will retail between £2.00 and £2.50 inc vat. FruitBroo’s eight launch recipes are: Rhubarb, Apple & Cinnamon; Lemon & Ginger; Peach, Pear & Honey; Apple, Ginger & Spice; Peppermint & Elderflower; Banana & Coconut; Elderflower & Lime; and Honey & Lemon.

Brehmes says: “At Clipper I tried to solve the challenge of great tasting alternatives to tea and coffee by creating a better fruit tea, but I soon realised that it was the wrong place to start. Four years ago, I went back to the drawing board with a completely new approach and I’m delighted to now be launching FruitBroo.”

FruitBroo will be available via independent and multiple retailers, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, pubs and restaurants, and Brehmes says there are introductory promotions on offer, including free-stock and point of sale support.

FruitBroo will be using social media and advertising and tasting opportunities will pop up in all sorts of interesting places across the country to promote discovery. At Point Of Sale FruitBroo consumers will have the opportunity to win a Fiat 500 in the FruitBroo colours of their choice.

Brehmes says: “FruitBroo answers the outstanding challenge facing hot drinks brands today: to develop drinks that deliver great taste, aroma and mouth-feel using only natural ingredients with few calories and no caffeine. Answering this need is increasingly important today as younger consumers drink more and more espresso based coffees, hit their caffeine limit in the morning and start searching for tasty alternatives. Many simply opt out of hot drinks in favour of the variety of tasty caffeine free choices offered by soft drinks.”

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