Fish ‘n’ Chips for sale in every c-store

Iconic 1980s savoury snack brand, Fish ‘n’ Chips is being reintroduced byBurton’s Biscuit Company.

The much-loved savoury snack brand topped a poll in The Sun newspaper for the retro snacks readers most wanted to see back on shelf.

“Consumers and the trade have been petitioning for the reintroduction ofBurton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips through high profile campaigns which have grown in momentum recently. Now is definitely the right time to reintroduceBurton’s Fish ‘n’ Chip to complement our existing range of Great British brands,” said Stuart Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer,Burton’s Biscuit Company.

As part of the company’s strategic commitment to expanding into the savoury biscuits market, it has invested over £1 million in its savoury manufacturing capabilities.   This will ensure it can deliver long-term manufacturing excellence and leverage innovation expertise to take its share of the convenient savoury biscuit category, which is currently outperforming the total market, with 34% value growth.

Wilsonadded: “TheBurton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips baked snack is back by popular demand. Consumers love the eye-watering, salt and vinegar flavour hit and still remember it decades after they first enjoyed it. Such an iconic brand will be a talking point in the £500 million savoury biscuit category, not just with the millions of consumers who remember it from years ago but also with younger people looking for a distinctive twist on a classic British favourite.”

Burton’s Fish ‘n’ Chips will launch early in 2014. The product was last produced a decade ago. A range of pack sizes will cater for all snacking occasions, in and out of the home. Pack sizes include a 40g grab bag, a 5 x 25g multi-pack and a 125g share bag. The launch will be backed by an extensive range of eye-catching POS and wide-ranging PR support.

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