Beer, wine and spirits producers show progress in reducing harmful drinking

No drink driving

CEOs of the major global producers of beer, wine and spirits – including Pernod Ricard – have published a report highlighting the progress on their initiative to reduce harmful drinking.

At the two-year mark of the five-year programme, the Beer, Wine and Spirits Producers’ Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking has shown progress in key areas including helping to reduce underage drinking, prevent drink driving, and strengthen and expand marketing codes of practice to promote responsible drinking.

The Progress Report examines the gains made on multiple identified action areas, including:

  • Reaching more people around the world with education and tools to reduce harmful drinking which have reached directly more than 2.58 million underage individuals. Adult influencer outreach efforts leapt from 518,000 to 3.26 million.
  • Creating ongoing global impact through drink driving prevention efforts. Through both individual and collective work, beer, wine and spirits producers launched 375 unique drink driving efforts in 146 countries.
  • Launching a set of Digital Guiding Principles. The Principles marked the first-ever set of global guidelines for beverage alcohol producers to require online marketing and social media use to meet the same high standards that apply to traditional marketing activities.
  • Launching an Alcohol Education Guide designed to support the development of alcohol education programs with interactive, comprehensive, and user-friendly resources.

To contribute to the industry’s efforts to promote responsible drinking, Pernod Ricard and its affiliates are implementing numerous initiatives worldwide, such as the ‘Not a single drop for minors’ project in Spain and the Australian ‘Drinking – do it properly’ campaign.

The Progress Report also outlines the work that lies ahead for the duration of the initiative, including expanding collective drink driving efforts to other countries; continuing work in targeted countries that do not have a legal purchase age; and continuing to collaborate with major international retailers to best define their role in supporting the goal of reducing harmful drinking.