All I want for Christmas is…

Christmas card kiosk in pub

It will no doubt astonish many astute readers of this fine organ to find out that UTC isn’t the world’s most reliable life partner when it comes to remembering to buy a Christmas card for Mrs UTC.

Many’s the time he’s been sat in the boozer on Christmas Eve willing the clock to slow down when it it’s dawned on him that he’s forgotten to drop by his local independent retailing outlet to carelessly grab the first Christmas card that comes to hand for the love of his life.

Wouldn’t it be amazing though if somebody invented a machine that you could put in a pub that let you print off personalised Christmas cards as you waited for the head on your beer to settle. Well, guess what…

UK tech start-up Bulldog Kiosks has built the world’s first ever self-service customised gift card kiosk, which is being rolled out in pubs just in time for Christmas. Apparently, “Christmas revellers are using the kiosks in pubs to design their own festive gift cards for loved ones and friends”. Or just their wives. The touchscreen tech even takes a selfie of you to be added to the card, a service the old boy won’t be availing himself of, bearing in mind the nick he’s usually in on Christmas Eve.

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