Absolut aims for taste perfection and introduces new bottle design

Making cocktails

Absolut is launching a new ‘Taste Perfection’ brand platform to celebrate classic vodka cocktails, as well as introducing a new bottle design.

The brand is currently experiencing substantial growth in the off-trade, with Original up +4.6% and its Flavours range up +40.6%. Taste Perfection looks to build on this growth by recreating classic cocktail serves using flavoured vodkas like Absolut Citron and Absolut Peppar.

“Classic cocktails dominate the top 10 cocktails in the UK and we’re seeing an exciting revivalist trend, where the future of cocktails lies in the past,” explained Adam Boita, Head of Marketing, Pernod Ricard UK.

“To help inspire consumers throughout the UK to join this classic cocktail revolution, Absolut brand ambassador, Ricardo Dynan, has given 12 classic vodka cocktails a magical twist which will be amplified through a raft of cinemagraphs, vines, GIFs, ‘how to’ videos and collaborations with artists. The aim is to not only inspire consumers to buy and enjoy Absolut, but also educate them on how to make the perfect serves for themselves.”

The campaign will be backed by a significant digital presence and, on social media, Absolut will encourage consumers to create their own twists on their favourite vodka classic cocktails and to enter competitions.

A suite of POS solutions is available to help retailers capitalise on the resulting increased consumer awareness.

The new bottle will be available from November. It is a transformation of the original design, which launched in 1979, and features an updated two-line logo, a new script, a redesigned medallion, reduced glass weight and a new brand signifier.

The shape of the bottle has been strengthened to feature more clearly defined shoulders, straightened neck and body and a flattened bottom, while also using a reduced glass weight to minimise environmental impact. One of the most significant updates is the addition of a brand signifier – a bold letter ‘A’ to the back of the bottle.

“We’d recommend retailers to creatively cross merchandise Absolut in their stores to provide shoppers with the complete solution to some of the classic cocktails. And because there are 12 hero classics, retailers could have a lot of fun by championing one a month. For instance, for the Absolut Bloody Mary, they could merchandise Absolut Peppar alongside Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, tomato juice, Tabasco and salt and pepper,” Boita concluded.