Bio-foggers back at UWS


With coronavirus cases on the rise once more, Glasgow wholesaler United Wholesale (Scotland) has called in the bio-foggers again to deep clean and disinfect all its sites to protect customers and staff.

As every week goes by, the likelihood that the country will once again return to full lockdown increases and it’s more important than ever that wholesalers and retailers ensure that their customers and staff are as safe as possible when they shop.

With those concerns now front of mind, Glasgow-based United Wholesale (Scotland) has called in specialist contractor PSS Group again to carry out ‘bio-fogging’ disinfection of its three depots and its head office.

UWS became the first wholesaler in Scotland to utilise bio-fogging technology earlier this year but with Covid-19 cases once again on the rise, Managing Director Chris Gallacher decided it was time to do another full deep clean.

The ‘bio-fogging’ technology used is also deployed in hospitals and is implemented using a specialised hand-held device to deliver a disinfectant solution in a mist form. After a few hours, the treated areas become safe to the public.

“The safety of our workforce and customers has always been our number one concern throughout the pandemic, which is why we implemented bio-fogging for the first time earlier this year,” said Gallacher. “But with coronavirus concerns growing once more we felt that it was important that we respond positively and proactively so we have decided to repeat the bio-fogging process once more across our depots and head office.

“We want to do everything we can to not only protect our workforce and customers, but to help drive down coronavirus cases and care for our NHS. Deep cleaning is a sensible plan for all businesses. I would encourage all wholesale and retail groups to carry out this procedure.”

Each of the three UWS depots have now been successfully decontaminated during closing hours once more to ensure no harm can come to customers or staff. The operation was again carried out by PSS Group and means that the nearly 3,000 retailers who shop at UWS can continue to provide the nation with vital supplies without any worry of catching the virus.

Additionally, the company has just purchased new ride-on floor washing machines to ensure the floors in all depots are cleaned and sanitised before opening for trade the next day.

Mohammad Abdur Rajak, Owner of Day-Today Bridgeton, said: “It’s fantastic to see UWS is taking the safety of its customers and keyworkers so seriously. The recent second deep clean at its depot with fog technology gives us that much needed confidence and that added layer of security whilst shopping at any of their three warehouses.”

Gallacher also said several of UWS’s retail customers are in the process of preparing for implementing bio-fogging in their stores.

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