Prepare for bumper lottery sales, says Camelot

£20m jackpot must be won

Camelot is warning retailers to get ready for a boost in National Lottery sales thanks to the upcoming Lotto £20m ‘Must Be Won’ draw on Saturday 7 November – with a Lotto sales uplift of up to 48% predicted by the lottery operator.

Lotto POS started landing in stores this week, which Camelot advised retailers to site in the best possible location and as soon as possible – to help drive impulse purchases and extra sales well ahead of the big night.

A new enhancement to Lotto kicks in on the same night as the £20m draw. The change means players who match two main numbers in a ‘Must Be Won’ draw where no one matches all six main numbers to win the jackpot outright will also scoop a share of the jackpot – winning £5 in addition to a free Lucky Dip (previously the jackpot was only shared between cash prize winners).

Camelot’s Retail Director Jenny Blogg said: “The new change to Lotto will see around a million people win a fiver in a ‘Must Be Won’ draw if the jackpot rolls down and is shared. This is the first time a cash prize has been available for matching two main numbers on Lotto, so retailers can expect even more positivity and footfall around Lotto going forward.

“On top of the usual commission they make on the free Lucky Dip and paying out some of the other boosted prizes, this will mean a significant number of players reinvesting their £5 win back in store.”

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