Spar Scotland tradeshow draws closer

Spar Scotland virtual tradeshow lobby

It’s now just under two months until the Spar Scotland virtual tradeshow, which takes place on 23 September with the theme of ‘One Family, One Vision’.

During the event Spar Scotland will update suppliers, retailers and colleagues on its transformation journey and the momentum that is gathering pace within the business.

There will be suppliers exhibiting, presentations from Spar Scotland and key supplier partners, live Q&A sessions and promotional deals on the day for retailers.

Suppliers will also have an opportunity to increase the distribution and volumes of key products with a new platform for securing orders developed for this year’s event.

In addition, former Royal Marine Commando Andy Grant will share his inspirational story of overcoming loss and adversity.

Colin McLean, CEO of Spar Scotland, said: “Spar is the leading symbol group across the UK for independent retailers. There will be no better place to showcase our results and what we have available than at our virtual tradeshow.

“Here people will be able to see first-hand just how well we can compete, and the benefits Spar Scotland can bring to their business.”

For further information about the tradeshow, or to book a place, please contact the Spar Scotland Expo team.

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