Spar Brand Cola strips out the sugar

Spar Brand zero sugar cola

Spar Brand has launched an own-label zero-sugar cola ahead of April’s sugar tax on soft drinks.

Spar Classic Cola Zero Sugar is available now in 500ml (RSP 59p) and 2-ltr (RSP 89p) formats.

It is understood that Spar is the first retailer in the symbol group sector to launch its own-label sugar-free cola.

The launch is part of Spar Brand’s wider commitment to reducing sugar across its range. Between reformulations and new products, Spar has removed 168 tonnes of sugar from its lines since 2016.

Cath McIlwham, Spar UK Head of Brand, said: “The launches give us at Spar the chance to lead the symbol group market in a category that is core to convenience retailers – all while keeping pace with the ever-changing market.

“We know that consumers are demanding healthy ingredients with less sugar.”