Skwishee promo saves 100,000 plastic cups

Skwishee fan

Frozen fizzy drinks brand Skwishee has hailed its recent ‘Bring Your Own Cup Day’ initiative as a “great success”.

Around 100 outlets nationwide took part in the two-day campaign, which resulted in over 100,000 plastic cups being saved, tens of thousands of customers and over a million people reached on social media.

Customers were invited to fill their own cup for £2.99. The only restriction was that receptacles should measure no more than 25cm in diameter. A year’s supply of Skwishee was on offer for the wackiest cup.

The £2.99 price usually applies to a 600ml Skwishee, however some enterprising punters walked – or more likely staggered – away with up to 10 litres.

Skwishee Managing Director Raza Rehman said: “In terms of enhancing the profile of the brand and creating a nationwide buzz about Skwishee, this was a great success.

“We now have the unenviable task of choosing the winner of a year’s supply of Skwishee from all the amazing images we received.”