New ShopMate update eases MUP pain

ShopMate Epos system

The Retail Data Partnership has made several changes to its flagship ShopMate Epos system – now used in over 330 Scottish convenience stores – to help retailers comply with the recently-introduced Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) for alcohol legislation.

ShopMate now features a dedicated report to highlight any alcoholic products sold in the last 28 days which fall below the minimum legal price. Retailers who use this report can amend their prices quickly to ensure compliance with the new legislation.

To cope with price changes, whether at wholesaler level or within store, the Epos system now checks any new alcohol price and warns the retailer of their potential non-compliance issues before allowing the price to be committed.

As well as confirming compliance before any price changes are committed, ShopMate also checks for the MUP of any alcohol product when it is scanned (pictured). If it deems a price to be non-compliant, a warning is presented to the user allowing them to update the information held on ShopMate about the product, modify the price to ensure compliance, ignore the warning or void the product from the transaction.

For more information about this update, and the changes involved, retailers should email

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