Scotland’s toddlers eating ‘a million sweets a week’

Pick 'n mix sweets

Food Standards Scotland has responded to analysis undertaken by Cancer Research UK which shows Scotland’s toddlers are eating more than a million sweets a week.

Anne Milne, Senior Dietary Advisor at Food Standards Scotland said: “There is no single solution to our nation’s long-standing problems with obesity and this research really brings home the scale of the challenge we face in Scotland. Around a fifth of the calories and fat we eat, and almost half of the sugar comes from discretionary foods, including confectionery. With almost a third of children already overweight or obese, a range of measures is urgently required to make significant change.

“We know that families can find it difficult to make healthy choices, particularly when a lot of foods on promotion are those which are higher in fat, salt or sugar. This research reinforces the need for our recommendations and proposals which were included in the Scottish Government’s diet and obesity consultation, including restricting the promotion of unhealthy products and encouraging shoppers to buy healthier foods.”

STG July 2021