Scotland starts to give salt the shake

Salt shaker

Scotland may have a problem with its sugar consumption, but at least some progress is being made in the war against salt.

A survey from Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has found that salt intakes in Scotland have reduced by 13% since 2006. Welcoming the reduction, the FSS praised the food industry for playing its part by reformulating products but said that “more work needs to be done”.

Intakes are still 30% higher than the recommended 6g per day, with two-thirds of adults in Scotland still eating too much salt.

Heather Peace, Head of Nutrition Science Policy, Food Standards Scotland said: “We are looking for manufacturers and retailers to further reduce the salt content of their products. This in turn will help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke in the population.”

The results of the survey also show for the first time that people in Scotland have similar intakes of salt to those in England, suggesting comparable dietary patterns across Great Britain.