Savanna Dry medals at International Cider Challenge

Savanna Dry

South African cider brand Savanna has been awarded a bronze medal in both taste and design at the International Cider Challenge for its flagship product Savanna Dry.

The sixth-largest cider in the world, Savanna has been growing in popularity across the UK since it was first made available in 2002, thanks in part to a recent media blitz. Savanna has sunk over £1m into marketing over the last year. Alongside more traditional campaigns, the brand has engaged in a host of more creative activity, including offering the citizens of Edinburgh a taxi ride in exchange for a song.

Amy Burns, Marketing Manager for Savanna said: “We are delighted to see Savanna Dry being recognised by leaders in the industry for its unique, refreshing taste, and distinct design. These awards signal a fantastic start to the summer period and reinforce the award-winning global credentials of Savanna cider.

“Over recent months we have seen a growth in sales due to our focused effort to build brand engagement across trade and consumers. This has reinforced our investment in marketing activity, and we hope this momentum continues during the summer and beyond.”