RELX: the world’s leading vaping brand comes to Scotland

Man vaping

RELX is the world’s leading independent vaping brand, and now it’s targeting the UK market.

The vaping market has settled down in the UK over the last few years thanks to a period of consolidation – but that may all be about to change once more as RELX ramps up its presence in the UK market.  RELX is the world’s leading independent vaping brand, yet very few in Scotland will even have heard of the brand. That is set to change.

RELX branded products are designed at a cutting-edge research and development centre, and produced in the world’s largest e-cigarette factory. The brand mission is to make RELX a trusted brand for adult smokers through state-of-the-art products, industry-leading technologies and scientific advances in collaboration with talented and committed people around the globe. The goal is to develop “future-forward solutions for one billion adult smokers*” and to be a truly global brand with deep local presence.

The company has bases in 10 countries international any employs a team from more than 15 countries.

Founded in 2018, RELX brand has been a fast growing vape brand globally and is now the world’s leading independent e-cigarette brand, based on Customs worldwide export data and sales data in the Chinese market.

Using its own unique technologies, the company has developed a ‘SuperSmooth Performance’ product that delivers for modern vaping customers. RELX believes in finding “small but meaningful ways to design products to find the right balance of aesthetic appeal and an incredible user experience”.

This translates into a device with up to two days’ extra battery life, an in-built vibration alert to let users know they’ve been perhaps using the device more often than they had intended to and an ergonomically designed mouthpiece for maximum comfort.

All products are subject to RELX Standard quality control processes ensuring every product is of the highest quality and are produced in the world’s largest e-cigarette manufacturing facilities which adhere to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification, an internationally recognised standard which ensures every product is manufactured responsibly, and with high quality and sound production equipment.

Every product, in fact, has to pass 18 individual Quality Control tests.

Since its inception, RELX has been committed to preventing the use of e-cigarettes by minors and people who are not smokers or vapers through its ‘Guardian Program’.

RELX International works closely with all our partners throughout the value chain to ensure that our products are not designed, marketed, or sold to underaged users. The company undertakes proactive education and training of its retailers to ensure strict compliance with this commitment. It also adheres to its own voluntary International Marketing Guidelines which provide extensive guidance on how the company should market its products in a responsible and ethical manner.

As a company that prides itself in its commitment to youth prevention, it sets high standards of responsibility for all its trade and retail partners.

The company’s RELX Infinity device is now available in the UK in a wide choice of colours and limited edition designs with an RSP of £19.99 while it’s RELX Essential device is available for just £9.99.

Pods for the device are available in two variants: the premium RELX Pod Pro at £7.99 and the RELX Pod at £5.99. An array of 16 flavours is available across the tobacco, menthol, fruity and drinks and desserts segments with more flavours coming next month.

Despite being relatively new to the UK market, RELX has already secured listings in more than 2,000 outlets including WHSmith, VPZ, United Wholesale Scotland, off licenses, grocery and convenience. The company works together with YHJ Trading as a main distributor.

RELX has 40,000 users in the UK and through OOH campaigns, social media presence, trade press and in-store activity, is helping grow that figure by the week.