Re-energise your profits

Relentless and Red Bull energy drinks

Consumers are demanding a wide range of choice across the soft drinks category, and energy drinks, in particular, have evolved in recent years. Energy is the best-selling soft drinks sector for independents, with sales driven by a focus on innovation.

by Émer O’Toole

When it comes to energy drinks sales, choice is crucial. It is worth making the most of NPD and trends within the category.

The majority of energy drink sales are for immediate consumption, so it’s important to make sure they’re stored in the chiller where possible so they’re cold and ready to drink. Positioning energy drinks prominently at the centre of the unit can highlight the full range offered, helping consumers easily find their favourite variant.

Shoppers are always looking for value for money, and convenience stores are in the ideal position to use PMPs as a tool for growing sales. CCEP offers Monster Energy at £1.19, and Relentless at £1, helping to improve perceptions of value.

Ensuring the fixture is easy to shop is key, and grouping different variants of the same brand together will create a stand-out block on the shelf. Sales of energy drinks for future consumption are increasing as people stock ahead. Therefore, offering packs like 4x500ml Monster Energy and Monster Energy Ultra White can help retailers to further boost energy drinks sales.

AG Barr says sugar is an important ingredient in energy drinks for the majority of customers. However, more consumers are looking for a lower calorie or even sugar free option. Rockstar Pure Zero was launched to meet this demand, fulfilling both the lower calorie and zero sugar options without compromise on taste.

“The modern day soft drink consumer is becoming increasingly health conscious, and the energy drinks sector is adapting to demand for lighter options,” says Amy Burgess, CCEP’s Trade Communications Manager. The Monster Energy Ultra range from CCEP offers three different flavours with no calories. It’s available in Monster Energy Ultra White, a sparkling citrus flavour Ultra Sunrise, a citrus and orange twist, and Ultra Red. Positioning zero sugar variants, such as Monster Energy Ultra, alongside their original equivalents can help highlight the choice of lighter options on offer.

Energy drinks is a growing category and retailers should focus on offering as wide a choice of different products as possible to meet all consumer tastes.