Orangina turns cans market on its head

Orangina upside down cans

Orangina has revealed a new upside-down can design, available in 330ml formats in both original and light variants.

The design aims to create standout on shelf and drive rate of sale, while encouraging consumers to mix the orange pulp inside. It’s a clever idea: the ‘wrongness’ of having the ring-pull on the bottom makes it very difficult not to pick a can up for closer inspection.

Having that that, Orangina insists it is “the design that is upside-down, while the can itself remains structurally the correct way up”. Unless of course you invert it.

Bridget Hirst, Assistant Brand Manager for Orangina at Lucozade Ribena Suntory, commented: “Our aim with Orangina is to surprise and delight consumers, so we’re always aspiring to be even bolder and more creative in our approach. Whilst the brand encourages consumers to gently shake Orangina to awaken the pulp, this can be counter intuitive with a can. Therefore, by having the artwork upside down, consumers instinctively turn the can, which awakens the pulp and unlocks the iconic orange flavour.

“With over two-thirds of people buying cans, in addition to other formats, we understand the importance of this format for retailers, especially with summer on our doorstep. We’ve created something to grab the attention of customers – we can’t wait to see them perform in market.”

Orangina is currently worth £9.8m and last year the brand saw 46.7% growth.

The new can designs are available now in single units, RSP 89p and packs of six, RSP £3.69.