Nisa forecasts fantastic frozen future

Freezer aisle

Nisa has reported a rise in frozen food sales of almost one-third in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

For the first six months of 2020, sales in the category were up 32% year-on-year in value.

Nisa Category Controller David Lunn believes the outlook for the remainder of 2020 remains “very positive”.

He said: “Shoppers have become sold on the idea of having a well-stocked freezer and others are on a budget, looking for a cost-effective way to reduce waste as we head into a downturn in the economy.”

Pre-Covid, the introduction in January of Nisa’s £5 frozen meal deal was already attracting shoppers. Furthermore, the addition of the Co-op range, which now accounts for more than 20% of frozen sales, has been instrumental in the sales surge.

“The Co-op own brand has created opportunities in other categories which we haven’t had before such as the plant-based Gro range,” added Lunn.