Postmaster consultation kicks off

Post Office fascia

The Post Office has launched a consultation asking how Postmasters and commercial partners who operate multiple branches want to be involved in the development and execution of business decisions.

The consultation will run for 12 weeks and will include in depth discussions, followed by a survey of over 8,000 Postmasters on options such as establishing regional or thematic forums that could advise and influence business decisions. A separate survey and qualitative discussions will take place with all its commercial partners.

Amanda Jones, Post Office Retail and Franchise Network Director, said: “We want to see Postmasters thriving in their local communities with commercially successful branches run by individuals who know what products and services their customers require. This consultation is part of our efforts to reset our relationship with Postmasters and hear directly from them about how they want to be involved in the development and execution of business decisions.”

A dedicated microsite has been created where Postmasters can find out more information about the consultation and can log on and submit their views. The consultation is being run by an independent agency that will provide an impartial assessment of Postmasters’ views.

The Post Office had previously announced that a Non-Executive Director position on its Board will be created. Since the announcement, the Post Office has been learning from other organisations about their experiences of making a change to their Board. Post Office is also working with its shareholder, the UK Government, to agree the appointment process.

Most recently, the Post Office has also announced the creation of a new Postmaster Director role that will be the Postmaster voice within the business and will lead on Postmaster engagement.


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