New-look Orangina

Put it to the test: Orangina

icon basket What: New-look Orangina

icon person Who: Brian McCaughey

icon-compass Where: Inverary

Following its recent update we put Orangina to the test at Brian McCaughey’s Londis store in Inverary.

After selling out of the trial stock in a couple of weeks, Brian ordered more from his wholesaler, and over a six week period in June and July he sold 73 bottles of the standard product and 46 of the light variant, outselling a rival orange soft drink which had been on a BOGOF promotion.

Brian declined to use available POS, instead relying on a £1 introductory price.

“I would probably never have considered stocking Orangina if it wasn’t for this initiative and it is now a permanent listing in my Soft Drinks chiller,” says Brian. “A lot of effort is put into the launch of new products by suppliers, some of which have a very short life span, so perhaps more energy should be spent on securing shelf space for existing products with strong sales potential,” he adds.

73 Standard bottles sold
46 Light bottles sold

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