A week in Motherwell?


As every long-in-the-tooth hack knows, it’s all in the timing.

So when the old boy was at a loose end the other day and decided to have a nose through his inbox, his attention was drawn to some YouGov research that had just been published on the safest places in the UK for staycations. With most folk ditching the annual pilgrimage to Alicante this year, staycations are now the done thing.

What caught the old boy’s eye, bearing in mind that he’s an avid Hamilton Accies fan, was a frankly bewildering (to him) recommendation that Motherwell, of all places, was a ‘top destination’ for a staycation. I know, bear with us.

According to YouGov, Scotland is the UK’s safest country for a staycation thanks to the lowest crime rates. Eyebrow-raisingly, Motherwell and Paisley apparently recorded no crimes in April 2020. And Motherwell has Strathclyde Park, although UTC insists that half of Strathclyde Park is actually in Hamilton.

This is where the timing thing comes in, unfortunately. A matter of days after YouGov issued its data, Motherwell was then also revealed as being a great place to catch coronavirus after an outbreak at a call centre in the town.

Millport it is, then.

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