Mondelez reveals eerie-sistible Halloween line-up

Mondelez International's Halloween 2022 range

Mondelez has unveiled its Halloween range for 2022, as it bids to repeat last year’s success, when the confectionery giant’s seasonal portfolio saw 42% year-on-year growth.

Fondant-filled Cadbury Goo Heads make a return for this year’s season in both five-pack and mini sharing bag formats. New for this year, however, Cadbury Goo Heads are available in a clip strip format to help drive impulse and incremental sales.

Treatsize chocolate bags – like Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons, Cadbury Fudge, and Cadbury Crunchie – are also back, as are Cadbury Skeleton Fingers: a combination of Cadbury White chocolate and crispy biscuit in a sharing box.

Also returning are Oreo Spooky Biscuits. The vanilla-flavoured biscuits have orange-coloured creme middles and a special spider-web embossed detail.

The Maynard Bassetts sharing range rounds off the Mondelez Halloween offer, with Wine Gums, Jelly Babies and Liquorice Allsorts available in 400g packs.

Top tricks for the Halloween season from Mondelez
  • Shoppers will look to embrace returning to the rituals missed during previous years, so stock up on sharing formats and treatsize packs to cater for spooky social events.
  • Increase your incremental and impulse sales by building excitement in store with seasonal decorations, costumes, and promotional packs.
  • Ensure you’re well stocked throughout the season to provide for varying seasonal shopper missions, from self-eat and treats, to sharing and ‘big night in’.

The lowdown…

Cadbury Goo Head Five-Pack

  • 200g, RSP £3.13, RPP £2.20, cases of 28

Cadbury Mini Goo Heads (now available in clip-strip)

  • 78g, RSP £1.49, RPP £1, cases of 22

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Treatsize Bag

  • 170g, RSP £2.79, RPP £2, cases of 12

Cadbury Fudge Treatsize Bag

  • 202g, RSP £2.79, RPP £2, cases of 14

Cadbury Crunchie Treatsize Bag

  • 210g, RSP £2.79, RPP £2, cases of 10

Cadbury Freddo & Friends Treatsize Bag

  • 191g, RSP £2.79, RPP £2, cases of 16

Cadbury Heroes Treatsize Bag

  • 216g, RSP £2.79 RPP £2, cases of 14

Maynard Bassetts Wine Gums 400g Bag

  • 400g, RSP £2.51, cases of six

Maynard Bassetts Jelly Babies 400g Bag

  • 400g, RSP £2.51, cases of six

Maynard Bassetts Jelly Babies 400g Bag

  • 400g, RSP £2.51, cases of six

Oreo Spooky

  • 154g, RSP £1.19, RPP 75p, cases of 16

Cadbury Skeleton Fingers

  • 114g, RSP £1.85, RPP £1.25, cases of 20