New gift card website aims to revive high street

Town and City gift cards

A new website has launched with the aim of getting shoppers back on to the high street to their boost local economies.

The Town and City site lets people purchase gift cards specific to one of 18 town centres across the UK including Edinburgh, Elgin, Glasgow and Perth.

Making use of the existing Mastercard network, the gift cards can be spent at a wide range of participating businesses including convenience stores. Crucially, they can’t be used online, so the recipients must physically head into town to make a purchase.

Colin Munro is Managing Director of Miconex, which operates Town and City. He said the website would help drive extra sales for local businesses.

“Each card sold means a new trip into town and additional spend for town centres,” he commented.

“We know that when people go out to spend them that they like to try new businesses and spend some of their own money as well so it’s great for the businesses taking part.”