Making Tax Digital: HMRC unveils sign-up timeline calculator

Making Tax Digital
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HMRC has produced a tool that shows the sign-up window for businesses to register for Making Tax Digital (MTD). The tool takes the form of an interactive PowerPoint presentation and can be downloaded here.

It’s important to remember that you (or your agent) need to sign-up your business for MTD. HMRC will not do this for you.

The length of the sign-up window varies depending on business filing frequency and payment method.

The general position is that businesses need to sign up in time to submit their first return that is due under MTD. This should be after they have submitted their final return using the old system as, once they have signed up to MTD, they will no longer be able to file returns using the old method. It takes up to 72 hours for the sign-up to be completed and those that pay by direct debit cannot sign-up in the seven working days leading up to, or five working days after, their filing deadline.

In some months the window for direct debit payers may be a day or two longer that shown. However, HMRC has taken account of that in the tool, so if you follow what is laid out there you will be able to sign-up without any issue.

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