The Lynx effect hits the road

If you’ve ever seen any of those Lynx adverts where hapless young men end up getting chased down the street by hordes of scantily clad attractive young women thanks to the alluring appeal of their choice of deodorant, you’ll have a fair idea of what life is like for the long-suffering lady magnet that is UTC.

A loyal fan of Lynx Africa, the auld boy swears by it as it not only manages to just about drown out the odour of rolling tobacco, stale whisky and congealed chip fat, it also ensures that he’s the hottest octogenarian in the room at the Mecca Bingo Hall every week when he picks Mrs UTC up after she’s blown that week’s housekeeping.

The launch of a Lynx car air freshener, however, has opened some brand-new horizons for the auld boy. His 1973 Ford Escort has apparently never smelt so good.

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