Lucozade Energy Grafruitti, Lucozade Energy ‘The Brazilian’, Lucozade Sport Mango & Passion Fruit: all 79p PMPs

Put It To The Test

Lucozade PMPs

Gerry Begley

Store: Woodlands Local
Location: Falkirk
Retailer Name: Gerry Begley

Attention-grabbing new products and flavours are a constant in the soft drinks sector and local retailers must accommodate a huge number of NPD throughout the year. For brands, awaiting the sales data on new launches is a tense time as they hope to secure a permanent listing in chillers across the country.

Lucozade is a brand that firmly believes in using new variants to drive incremental sales, and with three bright and attractive lines being introduced recently, we decided to put them to the test in Woodlands Local.

The new lines are Lucozade Energy Grafruitti, Lucozade Energy ‘The Brazilian’ Mango & Mandarin and Lucozade Sport Mango & Passion Fruit – all of which are available in 79p price marked packs, along with the rest of the range.

Lucozade is a huge performer at Woodlands Local and so we were confident these new lines would prove successful – especially with the PMP. This certainly proved to be the case, with The Brazilian in particular going down a storm with the residents of Falkirk. In the four weeks after introducing it, we sold 40 units. Although this was half the number of Lucozade Energy Orange, it should be noted that Orange is one of the biggest selling lines in the category, and for a new line to sell half that amount is mighty impressive. The new Sport line also performed strongly with 33 units.

Store Manager Gerry Begley, comments: “I’m always happy to find room for a new Lucozade launch as the brand is huge for us. With the bright packaging and that cracking 79p flash, all the new variants have done well. I wouldn’t be slow in recommending all three to other local retailers.”


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