CWF launches new Kissing Tree PET format

Kissing Tree range of wines

CWF, the Yorkshire-based wine importer and alcoholic drinks manufacturer, has launched a new range of 18.7cl PET wines under the Kissing Tree brand.

The range comprises of Californian Zinfandel Rosé (10% abv), Chilean Sauvignon Blanc (13% abv) and Chilean Merlot (13% abv).

The new PET format aims to offer consumer appeal as it is lighter, easier and more convenient to carry home. It is also 100% recyclable.

CWF says the breadth of easy drinking wines from around the world has been key to the range’s popularity, and that the attractive packaging “achieves stand-out on a crowded shelf”.

Amy Ledger, Marketing Manager at CWF, said Kissing Tree had been one of their success stories of last year.

“It’s ethos of sharing combined with the great quality wines available in the range has really captured the imagination of consumers,” she said. “Launching this new PET format takes the range to the next level, making it more convenient for consumers to enjoy either in or outside of the home.”

Kissing Tree 18.7cl is available in cases of 48 from £48.45.