Minister seeks to raise lottery age limit

Mims Davies

Under-18s could be barred from buying National Lottery products, the Minister for Sports & Civil Society has said.

Speaking to the Commons ‘House Magazine’ Mims Davies (pictured) said she wants to stop all current forms of under-18 gambling.

The move would put an end to the current disparity where 16- and 17-year-olds can buy lottery tickets and scratchcards but can’t legally make any other kind of bet.

“We need to be very clear that gambling starts at 18,” she said. “It’s not to stop people from having fun, but it’s also to protect those most vulnerable people. That’s where the government needs to step in.”

Any changes are unlikely to come into effect before 2023, when Camelot’s licence to operate the lottery is up for renewal.

A Camelot spokesperson said: “We have no issue with a Government review of the age limit for buying National Lottery products and are happy to assist in any way we can to help inform the decision.”

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