In-store brewery anyone?

Little Giant Brewery

Walk into any half-decent c-store these days and you’re bound to be confronted by a bean-to-cup coffee machine, hot food-to-go counter and any other number of other footfall drivers like a slush machine, a Post Office counter, parcel facilities, bill payment services and a lottery terminal.

But how many boast their own in-store brewery?

As points of difference go, it’s certainly different, but freshly-made beer-to-go could become the next big thing in convenience with the launch of Little Giant Brewery’s franchise package.

Granted, the company is targeting “sports clubs, trendy bars and small craft brewers” with its turnkey system, but there’s no reason why an enterprising retailer couldn’t find a spare 1.85m x 2.2m to slot one into their store. They would be pretty much guaranteed to win an SLR Reward for innovation if they did.

The machine’s fully automated brewing cycle is monitored via online tracking software. Any technical issues are flagged up and immediately dealt with by Little Giant. Ingredients are provided to make four different beers. Seasonal and special ale recipes can be added to the system if required.

Paul Mayer, Managing Director of the Little Giant Brewery, commented: “Successful brands require a quality product that delivers genuine excitement in the market place. The Little Giant Brewery franchise package offers just that – quality beer every time with little or no previous brewing experience. With our dedicated technical and marketing support team at first hand, running your own micro-brewery is now available to a much larger audience.”

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