Lawyer-turned-actress in sticky situation

My Jam spreads

It’s not often SLR gets to cover a Lawyer who has turned Actress and Jam-Maker, but former civil litigation specialist Shuiken Chan has just launched My Jam, a new preserve produced in Edinburgh.

My Jam is a homemade fruit spread that contains no added sugar, is all natural, gluten-free and is suitable for vegans and diabetics. There are currently two variants available:

  • Sweet Tang Burst, containing strawberry, goji berry and ginger
  • Hot Blue Jamboree, made with blueberry, coconut and chilli

Chan also has just recently returned from Paris where, under the stage name of Sue Cann, she filmed her breakthrough supporting role in “Madame”, which stars Harvey Keitel and Toni Collette.

During filming the cast and crew became unsuspecting guinea pigs for My Jam. “One morning I put my jams out at the breakfast buffet,” Chan explained. “Everyone said how amazing the jam was. It was all gone within half an hour!”

Chan’s target market is the independent retail sector, through which local food sales are worth around £2.7bn each year.

My Jam is currently available from Huffman’s Distributors. Further information can be found on the My Jam website.

CJ Lang – Christie