KY rubs the auld yin up the wrong way

KY Jelly

Marketers have got a lot to answer for, if you ask UTC.

Who else would have come up with the unfathomable decision by KY Jelly to rebrand its upstanding and iconic product with a new name but a marketer? Or, more likely, a committee of marketers – whatever the collective noun for marketers is.

Only a marketer could dream up one of those irritating modern brand names with capital letters in the wrong places and and K’s instead of C’s for no apparent reason.

The auld boy wondered aloud the other day whether the phrase “You don’t have a wee skoosh of Kynect handy, do you?” carries quite the same sense of exhilaration and foreboding as “Got any KY on you?”

What chance has the youth of today got, he mused. Your mother isn’t even going to raise an eyebrow if she finds a tube of Kynect in the pocket of your jeans.

The company that makes KY says the new name will “communicate intimacy and connection”, but as far as the auld yin is concerned, nothing gets the blood flowing quite like a prospective partner uttering the letters ‘KY’.

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